E-Commerce World Faster Than Ever

The impact that tech-savvy clients are having on the e-commerce world is not just more powerful than ever; it's faster than ever: Gone are the days when clients would meander online trying to figure out if an online order deserved the risk.

Rather, technology today is helping clients keep track of their purchases, and modifying the methods which those customers connect with online merchants.

These patterns, in turn, are impacting the big picture: As technology modifications, business-to-consumer deals, brand-new opportunities for both sides of the sphere are emerging. Consumers now have access to a series of tools that help them gauge rates, find options, locate shops and get discount coupons. Learn More...

The Mental Cost Of Entrepreneurship

By all counts and procedures, Bradley Smith is an unquestionable company success. He's CEO of Rescue One Financial, an Irvine, California-based financial services company that had sales of almost $32 million in 2015. Smith's company has grown some 1,400 percent in the last 3 years, landing it at No. 310 on this year's Inc. 500. So you may never ever think that just 5 years back, Smith was on the verge of monetary destroy-- and mental collapse.

Back in 2008, Smith was working long hours counseling worried customers about getting out of financial obligation. But his calm demeanor masked a trick: He shared their worries. Like them, Smith was sinking deeper and much deeper into financial obligation. He had actually owned himself far into the red starting-- of all things-- a debt-settlement business. "I was hearing how depressed and strung out my clients were, however in the back of my mind I was believing to myself, I have actually got two times as much debt as you do," Smith recalls.

He had cashed in his 401( k) and maxed out a $60,000 credit line. He had offered the Rolex he bought with his first-ever paycheck throughout an earlier career as a stockbroker. And he had actually humbled himself prior to his daddy-- the man who raised him on maxims such as "money doesn't grow on trees" and "never do business with family"-- by requesting for $10,000, which he got at 5 percent interest after signing a promissory note.


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